Afghanistan has always been part of my life, something I can not go a day without thinking about and writing about. I was born in Afghanistan, and had spent my childhood in Afghanistan during the invasion of USSR, then the Mujaheddin and later Taliban. My parents left Afghanistan and had paid their way out into the neighbouring Pakistan with only being able to pack as fast as possible without making a noise during a night of conflict in my hometown. I started to learn Urdu, then moved to Iran because of the cultural similarity in language and being close to some of our relatives. My family stayed in Iran until I had finished my high school and were accepted to immigrate to Canada where I finished my postsecondary education in psychology and now finishing my second degree. I write about my journey and my personal experiences for everyone else to read and maybe relate to the life experiences of once a refugee always a refugee.

I am working in raising money for women of Afghanistan who work extremely hard with the lowest life expectancy in the world. There many ways to help them but the best way is to allow them be their own boss and sell their arts and make a living. These art pieces are extremely intricate and takes months to complete, something they learned from their mothers, and grandmothers through the years of being at home and not able to work outside the house. This project is meant to empower these women and help them gain economical independence while the social situation is still in turmoil of many ups and downs.

I have always had a great appreciation for the work of these women using only a needle and colourful pure silk threads, sewing through the woven fabric creating amazingly beautiful sophisticated patterns.

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