Restoring the Old, Celebrating the New

This is the first image that I see every time I come to Kabul. It reminds me of the war and the destruction, and our dark history. I wish I could rebuild this palace one day, this could be the ultimate Kabul makeover. Imagine you come to Darul Aman (translated literally place of peace) and … More Restoring the Old, Celebrating the New

Fashion Freedom

Status of women in a society is a good indicator of where the society stands in economical ladder, freedom of style and religious boundaries. In Afghanistan in 1960’s through 1980’s women were working outside of the house, and contributed to the economy of their family and country as a whole. In a population given 50% … More Fashion Freedom

The Afghan Identity

This happens to me all the time; I meet someone and knowing that they are from some parts of Afghanistan, I ask them where they are from only to hear that they consider themselves from Pakistan, India or Iran. I understand that living with so many years of war, has created a ragged country, criminal … More The Afghan Identity

Farmer Life

In Afghanistan most people are farmers, and they run their livelihood by either farming or working in a farm. There are not many entertainments going on in the city, and people work hard to have a better harvest and make a better living for their families. Its tough to be a farmer anywhere and its … More Farmer Life

President Ghani’s warm reception or Refoulement

President Ashraf Ghani, just recently marked Afghanistan a safe country, contrary to the popular belief that there is still active war happening on the ground. Recently Kunduz was seized by the Taliban, then another city in Takhar, Darqar district. There was a consensus based on the meeting between the German officials and the Afghan Government, … More President Ghani’s warm reception or Refoulement