From Bikini to Burqa

As I was walking down the streets of Kabul, I saw a sea of burqas, and I wondered how did Afghanistan come to this from that? I started to talk to one of the burqas in line, and I had no idea who I was talking to until I realized she is a policewoman. I can not see her face, her expression and I can not make eye contact. I wonder where in Quaran, its allowed to hide another woman’s identity like this? I want to remind me of what Afghanistan was one day, and I want me to have some hope to have women stand up for themselves and speak, show their frowns, show their smiles, and fierce in their eyes to the man who hid them under a blue burqa.

Educating women gives them power, and their beauty is power, it lets them be someone and have a say in this world that they live in. I want to speak to those men who are afraid of women’s voices, beauty of their face, the eyeliners and lipsticks, the power of female that threatens them in a society that men are poor and have no jobs. Masculinity is defined by how much money, and influence a man has and the man in Afghanistan knows nothing of owning expensive luxury but women. A woman can not divorce a man but a man can divorce a woman. If you are a female and have a case and want your divorce, as a female you con not have that request, but have to suffer.

Let women be free, let them speak, let them walk in the streets without being harassed, let women help have what a human aught to have. Let them be, what they wish to be, and not be chained and bound to housework.

Let me be: A model in Kunduz Mountains Afghanistan
Let me be: A model in
Kunduz Mountains Afghanistan

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