Fashion Freedom

Status of women in a society is a good indicator of where the society stands in economical ladder, freedom of style and religious boundaries. In Afghanistan in 1960’s through 1980’s women were working outside of the house, and contributed to the economy of their family and country as a whole. In a population given 50% female, women play a major role to not only upbringing their children but the economy of the house. Education is a key to success anywhere in the world. As the war started during the Taliban, women were pulled out of school, and not allowed to even go outside the house, forget about contributing to the economy if they lack training it is a vicious whirlpool cycle that pulls everyone down. They are not able to help their children in schoolwork, they do not have health education, and die in a younger age both a risk factor in children’s health. In order to improve the status of women, economy needs to change, it needs to start employing more female population to empower women and allow them to have financial freedom. Improving economy is the key in Afghanistan by younger female entrepreneurs and creating jobs in the country.

Lost in Time Deja vou in Afghanistan

Sorya Tarzai
Sorya Tarzi, First Lady
Malaka Soraya Tarzi First lady of Afghanistan
Malaka Soraya Tarzi First lady of Afghanistan

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