Rukhshana is just another Farkhunda

This week a 19 years old female named Rukhshana was stoned to death in Ghor province, in a district ruled by the Taliban. War against the Taliban took 14 years and continues, yet incidents like this happens. People can not explain where the courage to carry out stoning in a civilized world comes from; Taliban still rule the country. The story behind stoning in a Taliban ruled district of Ghor province begins with the jealousy of a man who asked to marry her but she rejected him. She was set to marry a man she didn’t love, and so the man’s brother a religious mullah ruled for carrying the Sharia law accusing her of pre marital sex with her lover. The story about her “adultery” is not exactly what the media reports, jealousy and rejection by a woman set to marry him had played a role. Why do warlords use “sharia” and “religion” to justify everything they do? They don’t even follow Islam in any way, only when it comes to justifying their evil deeds sharia is in the right context.

In a patriarchy society, women have to obey the men, and has no right to choose even when it comes to their partner. Rukhshana was set to marry a man she didn’t love, and was accused of pre marital sex, by her suiter while he was rejected. She is beautiful, young, and there is a man that she loves, but a warlord’s brother in religious position rules out the “Sharia” strategically. The rejected warlord could forcibly marry her if she had given up and was too afraid of losing her life.The warlord suiter would end up being a rapist except that he followed sharia in so called a consensual relationship to marry her. He doesn’t succeed and decides to instead use Sharia strategically to kill her. He was rejected and surprisingly Sharia always takes men’s side. The puzzle is complete, and this is the type of religion that a warlord believes in.

This is a photo of Rokhshana, 19 year old girl.



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