Deserted but not a Desert

The astonishing number of times that people ask me about the desert, of the Afghanistan left me wondering and pondering on geographical skills and the taunt of the media. I have been asked about camels long before I had seen one, and the only image I remembered was a cottage warm house in a village where I was born. Los Angles is a desert, literally, Dubai is one but they are not deserted but live and thriving. Afghanistan has deserts and mountains and greenery, and camels and horses. Its strange how many of the Americans believe that Afghanistan is a desert, with people who speak arabic and maybe have the image of the Aladdin carpet as a mode of transportation, one could never know.

This is part of what we see as Afghans, especially for those who grew up in other countries, you have escaped the war but wait have you?! escaped really? Or is it following you all the way to the other side of the world?!

Deserted but definitely not a Desert out there in Afghanistan
Deserted but definitely not a Desert out there in Afghanistan

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