Farmer Life

In Afghanistan most people are farmers, and they run their livelihood by either farming or working in a farm. There are not many entertainments going on in the city, and people work hard to have a better harvest and make a better living for their families. Its tough to be a farmer anywhere and its even tougher to be a farmer in Afghanistan with limited technological advances. The seeds are not genetically modified and so they have flaws, they don’t grow as fast and as large of a genetically modified seed. Grains are prone to absorb water and won’t be as tough as a genetically modified seed.

I wish one day we can help these people to have a better technology to grow a better food for the Afghans, since without this group we wouldn’t have our basic needs met if we don’t want to import food. This is what I hear from other people who comment on Afghan lifestyle as farmers as if its a stigma and they run a life of a second class citizen but no these people work hard and some do have money and don’t run their lives around materialistic style of a New Yorker. It wouldn’t make sense to wear a Louboutin, and drive Lexus, because not only they don’t export to Afghanistan but also the standards of living are different. A farmer can make a decent money in a good year, eat simple, wear simple, and if war doesn’t interrupt be happy. Our society has learnt to value people based on their appearance, lifestyle and not based on their role in a society.

A farmer living in Afghanistan, doesn’t have access to the type of products that one would in Paris, or New York. They live on low quality home made products or imports from the near neighbours. Its hard to find a decent shampoo, or lotion, its impossible to have internet, a good running water and reliable electricity. The standards of living is different, money won’t buy you the goods you can purchase from a mall in Toronto, no matter how much of the money you have. Prices are as expensive as any other place in the world for gas and medicine if you are lucky to find a not expired medicine.

I want to put myself in place of someone who is a child of a farmer, lives tens of kilometres away from school, and has no access to the basics in the entire country. She/he has money but what does a money buy if you don’t have access to a good doctor, a good surgeon, a good teacher, a good policeman, and the laws have gaps that can be filled with money to avoid obeying. You wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning, to walk to school, and come home to help the family in the farm work until its 8 PM and you have no electricity to work on your homework. Does that make her/him a lazy criminal second class citizen? They are not lazy, they work hard, they have ambitions, but they are farmers living in Afghanistan.


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